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About Us

As creatives, what could be more magical than the moment our creative idea comes to life? We live for these moments – how they make us feel.  


The most successful creatives immerse themselves in the right preparation and best tools so that when inspiration hits, creating a masterpiece is possible.


"Then how can we ensure our burgeoning creative students are getting the right preparation and the best tools?" was an oft repeated question from you, the creative educators. 


Go All Creative EDU is precisely designed to help you better support creativity in your schools. Each Episode and companion Discussion Guides for education teams, students and for homes enable you and/or your team to develop ways on how to turn these insights into easy practices in your schools and in your students' homes..


Go All Creative EDU's Creativity Professional Learning Community is an interactive space for creative educators to stay connected with us and each other.

We've always felt that being a creative is a great honor – like being a part of a secret society where you get to show and tell your wares when all the stars align, including when you create your own content and put it out into the world.  


Welcome to the Go All Creative EDU family!

Yours in Creativity,


Leigh Faith + Ted Fujimoto

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